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Serial Entrepreneur Vibes

Janie Ivory (@jeweledbyjanie) is a serial entrepreneur with a hand in the industrial, e-commerce, and non-profit sectors. Through her soon launching non-profit, Saving Smiles, she will be conducting mental awareness events as well as weekly service activities including providing essential products & food to the homeless. Over the past couple of years, she has been able to combine her passion for revenue generation & service into a blend of business that all give her the freedom to express her passion for service, dedication to spirituality, and desire for wealth. 


Jeweled by Janie is her e-commerce jewelry business that's main focus is to generate enough income to eventually develop into a non-profit that supports and engages artists in the community. Although this is our long-term goal we make sure to make it known. The word ineffable means, “too great to be described in words.”

As a company we want everyone to feel as confident as they can be. We offer genuine, quality products for a very modest, affordable price. All of our jewelry is cubic zirconia and either stainless steel or genuine plated silver. We also offer a couple of gold-dipped 12k chain options.

3 BIG Tips for my Etsy Shop: 1. Be a communicative seller - Answer all questions, make sure delivery updates are being sent, Influence people to post reviews of your product!

2. Ship within 2 days -- stay on top of your orders for great customer feedback!

3. Stay on top of restocks & auto-renew all of your listings --- save you time and money!

Want to shop with us! Click here

USE the code: FREESHIP for free shipping on all orders!

Saving Smiles I struggled with my own mental journey and was able to find salvation through the lord. My journey through Christianity and understanding in my faith cultivated a passion for happiness and love. I was able to reveal my spirit for service and indulge in activities that make my soul feel whole. I grew up in the inner city exposed to the social issues we face every day. I became numb to it all but soon realized I can make a difference. I can give back to my community in ways that would lead to an overall change in the social and literal aspects of my surroundings. I want to empower people while also teaching them about the salvation they can find in the lord. Thus, Saving Smiles was born! Follow me to see my journey!

Janie Ivory

Jeweled by Janie (@jeweledbyjanie)

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