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Tips for your YouTube Channel, Sis!


My name is Taylor Jackson (@miss.jacksonnn), Youtuber & creator of my channel, Show it, Sis! So much to be proud of when thinking of my channel. For starters, video 7 has recently surpassed 55,00 views, with the channel as a whole reaching over 38,000 views and growing. However, with success comes a determination to work harder!

My four pieces of advice to any beginner Youtuber or business starter is to:

  • Be Original. Be authentically YOU!

  • Always keep a notebook or notes on your phone to write down your ideas

  • Interaction, engagement, & POST

  • Stay Consistent!!! (Working on this myself.)

Starting from point one, “Be Original,” discover what makes you.....YOU. What foods do you bring to the table? What makes you special? Why should someone choose your business or anyone else, ETC.?

This is where the notepad comes in, ALWAYS WRITE DOWN YOUR IDEAS!

Pull ideas and inspiration from your everyday life, friends, family, social media, or even books!

What inspired me to start SIS was not only my love for sharing stories/ life experiences, but the idea that others can use my life and experiences as a blueprint for theirs, and be inspired to never give up during the trials of life.

For more on both myself & my channel Show it, Sis, visit my Channel via YOUTUBE.

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