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Diversity in Corporate America

Hi! I am Yakentha Britton, founder of Level Career Services, Inc. I started Level Career Services out of passion in helping people align their career goals with their passion.

My mission with Level Career Services is to bring awareness of talents through minority career development.  

I want to be part of the change we desperately need in corporate America and that is DIVERSITY! And when I say diversity, I mean at all levels. I want to see more minorities and women in boardrooms. I want to see more equity across various backgrounds in organizations. I want to see women negotiate salaries that will increase their pay and build wealth.

I am doing this one client at a time through career coaching, resume, and LinkedIn support! Our mission is to plant seeds that will hopefully grow into amazing career stories for minorities and women.

 Check out our site and let me know if I can help!

P.S. I am offering a free resume audit this month Let's make sure you're showcasing your talents in the best way! Featured: Yakentha Britton (@levelcareerservices)

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