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5 ways that you can help #blacklivesmatter

I am so proud of my community. I know that it is hard. I know that everyone is exhausted. But if someone hasn't told you I AM SO PROUD of you. In whatever way you have supported this movement I am proud that you are here and looking for more resources. Here are 5 ways you can help:

VOTE VOTE VOTE - inform yourself on your local elections. Here is a Goggle Doc made by (@young_baji) that lists out the candidates in Georgia Voting Primaries on June 9th! You can also visit where you can explore your ballot by putting in your address. Make informed choices and vote with ease at the polls.

EDUCATE - read, watch, listen. To be an informed ally learn Black history. There are Netflix series, documentary, podcasts, and books that can give you every black perspective on any issue. Below is a tweet from (@victoriaalxndr) that had great resources from books to movies to educate yourself.

DONATE - open your purse! Give to those that have been directly affected by the movement. Amanda Seals, actress, and creator, (@amandaseales) have created a master document of nationwide charities, bail funds, free legal help for arrested protesters in each state, mutual aid funds, tips if you attend a protest, and more. Click here.

SUPPORT - Make the change to a black-owned business. During COVID19, black businesses were stretched thin. As a result, many might not come back from this. We Buy Black is one of the largest marketplaces for black-owned products. I also have been posting much black business and how you can support on my Instagram (@jaevarro).

GET ACTIVE - this doesn't stop this week...or next week. Keep the movement going. Keep educating yourself. Use your platform and voice. I need volunteers for a Juneteenth event in Atlanta on June 19, 2020. Please email me if your business would like to be a vendor. To volunteer email To be apart get your ticket here & follow @fightofourlife on Instagram for updates on the event!


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