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Be Your Own Boss

Becoming a digital creator has been the most empowering thing I've ever done for myself. Taking people's vision of what they are passionate about and bringing it to life is what Chellybeans Productions was created to do.

It's what I'm good at. Finding what I'm good at has been nothing short of a blessing, however, having the patience to stick to it has been an even bigger hurdle to champion. After earning my master's in Strategic Communication a couple of years ago, leaving my first job in media and entertainment, moving to Atlanta, and failing to slam down another job in media, I decided to just take matters in my own hand.

Turning my side hustle into my main hustle might take a little time, but there's power is not being able to tell myself "no." I hope everyone like me takes the next "NO" they receive and transforms it into their own "YES."

We got this 🦋

This month I want to help small businesses that are recovering and reopening after #COVID19. Follow me on Instagram to enter FREE artwork for any black-owned business. I would love to help and empower those that need a foot in the door with their brand!

Chelsea Hudson (@_chellybeans_)

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