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Take the first steps towards GETTING PAID TO POST


The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a paid content creator. 

The UGC Bundle has 3 key templates for:


  • how to pitch brands via email

  • the exact template for your online portfolio

  • the basic steps of setting up a pitch deck for brands


How does it work?

This bundle consists mainly of templates. You get customizble templates with examples you can use immediately. You can copy and paste email templates to reach out to brands today! 


This is for you if you are...


...experienced as an influencer or content creator, and you would like to turn your skillset into a profitable business... 


...doing well as a UGC creator, and you’re ready to perfect your workflow and grow your portfolio.. 


...this bundle is FOR YOU 

User Generate Content Bundle

$75.00 Regular Price
$34.00Sale Price
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