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The Creator Toolbox contains over 5 templates documents to help you as a creator feel organized, knowledgeable, and confindent. In addition to that, it also contains powerful tools to help you find your dream clients, showcase your social proof, and win brands over… because you deserve it.


This toolbox was curated over two year and is chock full of templates and tools that takes your hustle from freelance side gig to full-on, professional, high-paid creator.


Perfect for new, lifestyle, UGC creators with a lot of creative juice but lacking in the organizational and/or strategy department, and fully editable/customizable using Google Docs, Google Sheets, Canva, or MS Office Products.



Note: Canva templates require a Canva account, sold separately. As of October 2020, you may sign up for Canva for FREE.

Creator Toolbox

$97.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price
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