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This is for New Entrepreneurs

Jasmine Danielle (@thejasdanielle) is the owner of 7 PM Lash, a boutique lash company in Atlanta, GA. Jasmine launched her lash baby during the pandemic. Despite the challenge, Jasmine accomplished one of her Entrepreneur goals and business is boomin'. Here are her top 5 tips:

1. Plan Your Work THEN Work Your Plan

I like to write out what I want to accomplish in a beautiful planner and break it down into small steps. Next, I read it aloud. This allows me to mentally process my plan and get to work.

2. Always Be A Student If You Want To Stay Ahead

Pay attention to trends and learn new skills that will benefit and attract your targeted audience. I do this by investing in myself, taking classes, reading, and learning from others in my field.

3. Originality Will Always Win

Know what makes you unique. Then, leverage that.

4. Be Ready to Make Sacrifices

Building a business takes a lot of energy and strong decision making. This means you may end up spending a lot less time with family and friends especially while you are in the beginning stages of building your business. You must be ready to say no to things in order to see your business do well. Remember, no one will go as hard for your business as you will!

5. Stay Encouraged

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful journey, but it is not always easy. I take time out of my day to pray, meditate, and affirm to stay encouraged.

Jasmine Hughs

Jasmine Hughes


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