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Insecure Moment

I'ma tell you all about my real-life ISSA Moment - minus Molly situation ya know?

If you know me, you know Insecure is one of my favorite shows. I loved season 4 and I really related to this season on a whole different level. I've always related to Issa's character on her personal growth and professional journey on the show. So if you watch the show you know exactly the episode in reference here. Issa threw a block party in her neighborhood to showcase the Inglewood talents & black community. An organization I've been working for in Atlanta, The Fight of our Life had a similar vision of a party on Juneteeth in Atlanta. After one meeting, I got myself into something with little direction but a HUGE vision. I said yes without even knowing the how, but I knew the why. I drive off the why. With everything going on in the world, I wanted a reason to celebrate being black. Celebrate that we made it this far. I've never celebrated Juneteeth, let alone created a block party. I organized an event with a huge team in less than 3 weeks... 3 WEEKS HONEY

So how did we pull it off? Nah fr. Public relations is all about WHO you know. I called everyone. Pretty much anyone that I knew that could help me pull this together. Turns out I have friends doing great things in the city of Atlanta and partnering with them was the smartest decision with such a short time frame. But then there's that one thing that every event needs, a budget. Like where do we get the funds for this so we can make it free for the local Atlanta community?

A new nonprofit with no budget and a short timeline. TELL me about stress. But honey, God made a way. That's when I knew this was something that I NEEDED to do. I could've walked out. But pass all the protest in Atlanta there was no movement under the #blacklivesmatter movement. This was a way to do both. Voter registration, COVID testing 19, games, vendors, entertainment, and food were the main areas to cover. Thankfully, I was working with young black individuals with the same drive and network. Did you know each other pass this cause? Not at all. Crazy. But it came out so much better than I could've imagined.

Minus Molly ruining the end part of the event for Issa. I was driving off of the same dream, the same situations. I did have to cut some "Molly's" out of my life because if they are couldn't be supportive in this event... their energy was not needed. I've realized that this time as a growing business that I need support. I need friends in my circle on the same page. Same mindset. If not, they can't be apart when I make it big like Issa. Such growth! I know Kelli.

I learned so much in 3 weeks that I would probably take up 3 chapters in my life book. Like fr. I realized my real friends, professional lessons, business lessons, and networking all in 3 weeks. But tbh I would do it all over again. I wouldn't change a thing about that day. I guess I can add a"cultural curator" to my resume. Lol, I am adding event PR to my business services. I also am adding a "strong leader" and "event organizer" to my LinkedIn skills.

But fr. Putting yourself out there is scary. But I'll do it over and over again if I could feel how I felt on Friday. To hear all the "I'm so proud of you" all weekend really validated my craziness I was feeling before that day. I've learned so many lessons in my first year as an entrepreneur. I've had a lot of lows but every high makes it well worth it. If you are doing something that you love, keep doing it.

Check out all the cool photos and event recaps on my Instagram (@jaevarro)

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