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I work with entrepreneurs all over the world to manage their social media platforms.

Once you uncover your unique strengths, the rest is easy:

Follow your passion.
Make it your business.

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Hi, I'm Jasmine

After I graduated with my undergraduate degree in Public Relations, Fortune 500 corporations and I gained experience working on multiple client accounts at a few digital marketing agencies. These experiences taught me so much about building brands, the power of social media marketing, and the best practices to successfully sell products and services on the internet. 


I used the skills that I gained to build a six-figure business that gives me the freedom to travel while still working on my passion: helping e-commerce, lifestyle and personal brands grow with digital marketing and social media strategy.

Now, I work with entrepreneurs all over the world to manage, grow, and optimize their social media platforms.









Small businesses that need consistent content calendars, account management and engagement on their social media

Mid Size business that need digital ad placements, influencer strategy and content curation

A company that needs a full-time social media manager on their team

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I have over five years of experience working with small, mid-size, and corporate businesses. I have experience in almost every aspect of social media marketing, but I specialize in both paid and organic growth. Social media is a powerful tool for modern businesses.


I have witnessed businesses change and grow overnight due to their social media presence and strategy.